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pgraded its cyb??er command to a separate unit, running parallel to the other strategic commands. Cyb6


erspace is deem??ed the 7th war zone of the US. The US regards virtual space as a battS


lefield, and preparing forces ??for virtual space field operations.The US may become the fe

First title features

irst country to start a virtual war. Addi??tionally, China is promoting military reforms. The Chinese army has formed a new theater of war, ar??my command and strategic 2

support units.These adjustments adopted in many countries are designed to ??allow the m7

Second title features

ilitary to run a new power structure, reflecting the necessity for military reform after?? the Cold War. Militaries are transforming from focusing on combat forces to boC

osting combat capabi??lity quality via structural changes.The military forces combat capacity will improve dramatically a??nd become an indisputable reality. After settlement of stj

Third title features

ructural adjustments, the "unit" functions?? will have new changes. The network power of the US will make the world cyberspace as its virtual b??attlefield, regardless o4

f cyberspace at home and abroad, meaning all will become a US fighting spac??e. Compared with internal security forces, the functions of Russian "National Guard" T


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